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Over the last few years I have worked hard to further my horizons and create breathtaking drone footage.  My projects include a finished product with edits, transitions, and music overlays.  Whether you need it for your event, wedding, real estate property, or any other needs, I can enhance your experience with professional drone coverage that will exceed your expectations.  

Atlantic Beach, Florida

Let's take a quick trip to Florida and get lost in the sand, sun, and waves.  This drone footage covers one of Jacksonville's most iconic beaches and is filled with the exciting images we come to know with Florida's legendary coast. 

Vacation in Jacksonville, FL

A surprisingly fun visit to Florida's Atlantic side, Jacksonville was filled with wonderful beachside towns and shops, with stunning views of the ocean and soft white sand.  

Tribute Shoreline Nature Trail

This beautiful park just north of Dallas, Texas has beautiful lakes, a golf course, and a spectacular sunset.  A memorable day spent at one of DFW's beautiful lakes.  

Land in Rural Texas

Many people dream of going out into the country and getting a piece of land for peace, quiet, and a chance to be independent.  What would you do with a small plot of land in the country?  

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